What is the price for single or double membership

$35 single – $50 double ($350/$500 life)

When is membership due for renewal?

1st July annually

What does membership entitle me to?
  • Complimentary movie pass
  • Cinema discounts
  • Friends Members special prices on selected show tickets
  • Discounts at Arts Cafe
  • Pocket Folder with handy Notepad, Calendar and Pen
  • Social events, including Cocktail Parties, Movie Nights, Xmas Party and Special Events
How often do I receive an e-newsletter?

Up to 10 times per year

How many discounted tickets do I receive with a single/double membership?

1 single – 2 double

Do I receive discounts at the movies/café etc as well?


Do the ‘Friends’ hold social events?

Yes, several times per year

How many members of the ‘Friends’ are there?

Over 2000

Who runs the ‘Friends’?

The Board of the Friends of the Arts Centre Gold Coast

Do I receive a membership card & how does it work?

Yes, membership card to be presented when you make a purchase.

Do I receive prior notice when shows are going on sale?

Yes through our Newsletter and on emails.

Can I get VIP seats?

Unfortunately, no

How long does it take before I get my new card?

Approximately 5 days

Do I receive a new card every year?

Yes. If the card is damaged it will be replaced. If lost, it will be replaced at cost.