Notes for grant applicants


1. The Gift Fund was established to help talented artists with limited finances to achieve higher levels of skill in their chosen disciplines. The definition of “artist” is broad and includes visual and performing arts and some crafts. Applicants should be residents of the Gold Coast.

Age limits

2. The successful applicants will be younger than 25 years.

Limits of Grants/Scholarships

3. The number of grants/scholarships available is limited. The maximum grant will be $5000 but lesser amounts may be offered to allow the maximum number of applicants to be helped. It is likely that the number of applicants will exceed the limits of the Gift Fund so not all will be successful. Successful applicants may be offered repeat scholarships but will need to reapply on each occasion to a maximum of 3 years.

Proof of talent

4. Applicants will be required to provide proof of their talent and their suitability for further training by written reports from suitably qualified teachers/trainers.

5. The Management Committee of the Gift Fund may also require applicants to be assessed by an independent expert who will provide advice to the Committee.

Training required

6. Applicants must state the training they consider necessary to progress and whether they have applied for or been offered a place. They must also state when the training will begin, it’s duration, cost and whether a grant or scholarship has been sought or granted by another organisation.


7. Applicants will be required to present themselves for examination by the Management Committee who will consider all the available information and the needs of the Applicant. The Committee will decide if a grant or scholarship will be offered and what level once all the applicants have been seen.

Notification of grant/scholarship

8. Every Applicant will be informed of the decision of the Committee. Decisions are final and no correspondence will be entertained. Unsuccessful applicants will be told if further applications will be entertained at a later date.

Payment of grants/scholarships

9. Generally grants/scholarships will be paid directly to the institution offering further training at an appropriate time. However, it may be necessary to vary this arrangement in specific cases.


10. Grants and scholarships result from generous donations made by the public who seek only the satisfaction of seeing talent developed. In consequence, successful applicants will be required to produce reports periodically.


11. Further information can be obtained from members of the Management Committee by sending an email.

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