Update Notice

The Memorandum of Association and Articles of the Company were updated and we now have a new modern company constitution which was passed by special resolution and adopted at the AGM earlier this month. This  new constitution reflects the Friends’ wider focus on the support of the Arts and Culture across the Gold Coast. For the Friends, it means an opportunity to both donate and sponsor a range of arts and cultural initiatives in our region with corresponding opportunities for our members to participate in a wider range of events and activities.  

Next week brings a significant milestone and transition for the Friends of The Arts as we formally step onto our new pathway. This is an exciting change of focus for the Company, and while HOTA will no longer be performing a number of the Friends’ practical and administrative tasks, the long‐standing relationship is maintained and we anticipate a continued association and mutual support.

We have come a long way. The Gold Coast Arts Centre grew out of the efforts of the original Friends. Over the decades the Gold Coast Arts Centre grew, providing ever more opportunities for the Arts on the Gold Coast. In recent years that change has coincided with changes of name from the Gold Coast Arts Centre to Arts Centre Gold Coast to the present Home of the Arts (HOTA). Throughout the history of the Arts Centre the Friends have always been a separate and independent organisation from the Arts Centre Gold Coast. The Friends have been a not for profit company with its principal focus being to promote and encourage artistic and cultural pursuits of all kinds through active support of the Arts Centre. In more recent years the Friends established their charitable gift fund to sponsor and support young artists and performers. In addition, in recent years the Friends have provided support for other events such as the Gold Coast Eisteddfod and the Gold Coast Music Awards.

HOTA, as the largest promoter of the Arts on the Gold Coast, will likely continue to be the greatest recipient of the Friends support. HOTA will continue to provide their usual membership benefits to our members for the current financial year and in coming years the Friends will explore opportunities for membership benefits from other partner organisations.

From early November, all membership matters, enquiries, and general administration will be undertaken by Friends of The Arts. Membership data and documents are being transferred in a planned systematic and confidential manner, and all Friends of The Arts membership details at HOTA will then be deleted from their files. Please note, if you are a member of Friends of The Arts only, all your personal details will be removed completely from HOTA’s files. If you are a member of Friends of The Arts and you are also a member or subscribed to HOTA, then your details relevant to the HOTA subscription will remain on their data base, and as with all on‐line subscriptions, you do have the opportunity to unsubscribe at any stage. HOTA will retain all Friends of the Arts Life Member details in order to ensure membership benefits are honoured in perpetuity. Life Members who wish to cancel or unsubscribe can do so by contacting HOTA.

While HOTA has been a central pivot point and base for us, we now have an established point of contact very close at hand. Our official company office is at McLaughlins Lawyers Offices which is located on the same precinct as HOTA, wander down past the outdoor stage and you’ll see them at the end of the cul‐de‐sac.

We have also employed a new administrator and would like to formally welcome Anne Beukes who will be managing the majority of our enquiries and membership details.

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